Not actually an osprey nest (sorry)


I’ve noticed a lot of people – myself included – experiencing heightened stress as a result of ‘the situation’. The following is the ‘Coping’ chapter of my book ‘Caring for a Partner with Breast Cancer in the UK’. While it’s written in the context of a partner having breast cancer, […]

Wind turbine from junk

So I set myself a little lockdown project – to build a small domestic wind turbine from as much rubbish as possible. The goal is to trickle charge a small lithium ion pack with two 5V feeds to two strings of bright garden LEDs. The battery pack gives you the […]

Medical Cannabis update

Since my last post, I’ve moved past the Capilano oil and on to Champlain. This is THC oil. Specifically, 20 mg THC/ml 0 CBD. The working dose is between .5 and 1ml every 5-6 hours. I’m able to function normally, there’s no euphoria but there is a ‘body feel’ on […]



Having a positive mental attitude isn’t just, or possibly even about smiling and laughing and always being happy. It’s about staying calm and controlled in the face of adversity. It’s about confidence. Knowing your limits. Trusting your team mates. Learning new stuff. Standing your ground. Keeping an open mind. Strength […]

The ‘Situation’

On 13th March, I voluntarily took myself out of the workforce as per the guidelines put forth by the authorities at the time. I took the guidelines very seriously as about 20-ish days prior I’d watched the Jamaican government turn away the financial equivalent of a floating city. This one, […]