Not actually an osprey nest (sorry)

Wind turbine from junk

So I set myself a little lockdown project – to build a small domestic wind turbine from as much rubbish as possible.

The goal is to trickle charge a small lithium ion pack with two 5V feeds to two strings of bright garden LEDs. The battery pack gives you the power you need when you need it (at night), the turbine keeps it charged. Simples!

Long story short, I initially went with a bicycle wheel and pop cans for fins. However, for various reasons I’ve moved on to shaped wings using a template and malleable plastic, with an old electric screwdriver motor as the generator and a case fan from a computer (because bearings).

I initially whittled (by eye) a wing shape to wrap materials around (ostensibly aluminium can skins but latterly milk carton sides) until a friend suggested I obtain a model aeroplane of appropriate scale for the wing size I need.


So that’s where I’m up to.

If you’re interested in this subject, I can recommend you read this document:

And remember – it’s just magnets passing over copper!

Some images: