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A new way of voting

The following outlines core voting functionality.

Each person has n votes every n years (currently working with 100 and 1 respectively because it’s simple).

Each person has access to a voting platform – electronic or paper.

Vote categories would be something like this list, (shamelessly lifted from the Green Party website):

* Animal Rights
* Climate Change
* Countryside
* Crime and Justice
* Culture, Media and Sports
* Disability
* Drug Policy
* Economy
* Education
* Energy
* Europe
* Food and Agriculture
* Forestry
* Health
* Housing
* Industry
* International
* Land
* Local Planning & the Built Environment
* Marine and Coastal
* Migration
* Nationality
* Natural Resources & Waste Management
* Peace & Defence
* Pollution
* Population
* Public Administration & Government
* Refugees & Asylum Seekers
* Rights & Responsibilities
* Science & Technology
* Social Welfare
* Tourism
* Transport
* Workers’ Rights & Employment

As you can see, it’s a relatively thorough and rational list of things a country has to deal with on the regular, right?


It obviously needs refining, finessing and simplifying.

But the general idea is voters can add their votes as the year progresses (or all at once or whatever), building a detailed ‘bump map’ of where the actual issues are.

The technology to make this happen is already there. And we can build this and put it in place without any permission needed from a government.

UX design is key, of course. But I’m no UX designer.

The following are placeholder mockups:

<placeholder mockup of output>

<placeholder mockup of UX – NOT representative!>

How will it be maintained and administered? Transparently.
By who? Us.
How? Well, things like programing, data wrangling and infrastructure would be civil service positions. Audits, oversight and ministration of the actual decisions will be performed by randomly selected individuals.
Wait! What?
That’s right, they’ll be selected in the same way Jury members are because what they do will be a duty, rather than a privilege, which is what the current system of government is. This also helps reduce compulsives – power seekers, sociopaths and so on.

That’s the rough idea for voting!