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And the effects of the Immensa Cockup-a are not restricted to Covid rates among children. Here's how rates have changef for 40-44 year olds over the last week. These are very high rates for this age group; we have to expect that they'll lead to many hospitalisations.

This whole episode encapsulates the disastrous mix of ideology, corruption and incompetence we've seen throughout the pandemic. But hey, the government would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. So that's alright then. Do we now consider the matter closed and move on?

It's almost that time of year when all the tax-dodging celebs appear on our televisions telling poor people to 'give what you can' so that the government can shirk its responsibilities for the most vulnerable in our society.

@mac123_m Starmer has a plan? No he doesn't. The government is clueless and inept. They have provided the worst response to covid in Europe and do you know what Starmer's plan is...He supports the government!
#StarmerOut take Johnson with you.

A week can be a long time in a pandemic, especially when you're being fed false data, and consequently not isolating positive cases. The south west region now has higher rates than any region of England at any time during the pandemic.

I’ve just watched free food being handed out by a “non judgemental” soup kitchen in north London, in one of the richest countries in the world. I am grateful to and proud of those who are feeding hungry people. But is this what we have become? (There was a queue.)

The answer to the problem of how we unite people, end division and make the streets safer is to remove the Conservative Party from power.


In their administration they cut 20,000 Police Officers, 23,500 Police staff and used divisive words and media to win elections.

Any assault is abhorrent, full stop. So we need to ask a question

Who is responsible for society?

Don't MPs have a responsibly to be role models for peaceful society?

We need to end division, but most comes from media supportive of the Conservative Party or who are Tory donors

The very *real* threat to safety and risk of serious assault exists in cases where users need anonymous access to social media

For example:

1. Stalking Victims
2. Domestic Violence Victims
3. Company Director (Companies House Home address)
4. Whistleblower
5. Restraining Orders

Footnote: It is also worth noting that Will Coleshill was questioning Michael Gove on "Illegal Lockdown"

But nobody is in Lockdown in the UK

The media changed the title to "Anti-Vaccine Passport Protestors". Will Coleshill did not ask about Vaccine Passports, but about Lockdown

Those are facts behind the "Michael Gove was mobbed by Anti-Lockdown Protestors" headline

How do we combat propaganda in the media?

We do what I'm doing. I need your help

I need volunteers to join and help me tell the truth to everyone.

Sign up🖊️


However, the situation to anyone involved would have been terrifying, had it been a genuine event. We must make sure the Primary Message we take away is that this is unacceptable.

And Secondarily, that the event was orchestrated by someone linked to the Conservative Party.


@CuretonSara Nope. And anyone who hasn't noticed this just isn't paying attention.

We should all be out on the streets fighting this. Because our client media and the tame opposition aren't going to on our behalf.
#nhscrisis #NHSResistance #NHSheroes

Missed Sajid Javid’s presser earlier, so I’m just gonna go ahead and assume it was basically, “Things are really fucking bad, they’re definitely going to get worse, but we’re not gonna do anything until it’s too fucking late because we hate everyone who isn’t loaded.”

@CuretonSara @domburns Isn't it time the people fought back against the TRUE TERRORISTS of 3rd world, nonentity Torydom.
Their PLANNED MASS MURDER of the citizens without a thought - we are the only ones that can do anything a GENERAL STRIKE when COP26 starts when the whole worlds media is in Glasgow.

Sunak to slash tax on bank profits only weeks after stealing £20 per week from families receiving universal credit. Not in my name. Not in Scotland’s name. #ScottishIndependence4

@zarahsultana You give me hope, Zarah. Thank you so very very much for your bravery. I can't imagine the courage it takes to stand up and do what is right with so much hatred around. xxx

@janej05 Me too. It's like being stuck in a living nightmare but people are oblivious or are just ignoring because of that yellow mopped wanker

Do I watch the death secretary at 5, or do I just cut out the middle man and go and stand out in the garden and scream at the top of my lungs "he's a fucking banker"
I'm beyond distraught at this shit show.
Tory bastards.

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