Not actually an osprey nest (sorry)

The ‘Situation’

On 13th March, I voluntarily took myself out of the workforce as per the guidelines put forth by the authorities at the time. I took the guidelines very seriously as about 20-ish days prior I’d watched the Jamaican government turn away the financial equivalent of a floating city.

This one, in fact:

MSC Meraviglia

We arrived shortly after the liner did. We stayed a little longer than it did, though. Jen and Joan were looking for trinkets and such and I went to the water’s edge. There was a weird broadcast – think I may have captured a bit on video somewhere – it sounded like a ship-wide broadcast, but of a quality and coldness one would expect from a Vogon constructor fleet. Anyway, shortly after that, off it fucked.

Somewhat like…well, actually like this:

Off it fucks.

At the time we obviously thought it serious and the shop and bar owners were naturally concerned, but I looked on all of it through a sheen of beautiful blue sea, Red Stripe and ganja. No worries!

It filtered through my brain as the day wore on and I started taking a lot more interest in the virus – tracking news and whatnot. At this point, it was globally breaking news as far as MSM is concerned.

Anyway, on the evening of the 12th March, having returned to the UK end Feb, I developed the beginnings of a sore throat. And because the Jamaican government took such drastic measures, despite the significant short-term economic impact, I took it very seriously despite so many people around me playing it down.

My office put me under no pressure whatsoever – as one would expect from decent, reasonable human beings. I mean, we already carried PPE kits with safety goggles, gloves and masks (though not N95 or otherwise pandemic-worthy, obviously).

The firm I work for actually gives a shit about their customers *and* their staff!? I know, right!? Who would have thought the two weren’t mutually exclusive!?


I digress.

So I isolated at home for 7 days. My one remaining tonsil (the other…fell off some time ago…) swelled up like a bollock and that was it for a few days.

Jen had been down with her folks since our arrival in the UK as her mum was very poorly. We’d been apart for two weeks already and she was flagging. By now there were noises about lockdowns. There was no way we were going to get through it without each other – at least it would have been considerably more difficult for Jen.

I needed another 7 days in isolation under my belt, but this time complete quarantine. So I emptied the cupboards into the van and took myself off into complete isolation….