Not actually an osprey nest (sorry)


Having a positive mental attitude isn’t just, or possibly even about smiling and laughing and always being happy.

It’s about staying calm and controlled in the face of adversity. It’s about confidence. Knowing your limits. Trusting your team mates. Learning new stuff. Standing your ground. Keeping an open mind.

Strength of spirit. Staying resolute. Looking for the solution when you don’t even know where to start. It’s about saying “if I can’t fix this, then we can!” Because no-one knows everything.

It’s more positive to recognise you can’t fix something and ask for help than being certain you can fix it when you can’t.

It’s fair to say everyone gets pissed off from time to time. But that’s OK. You’re allowed to get pissed off.

It’s OK to lose sight of the goal now and then. So long as you find your focus, forge on and don’t give up.

A positive mental attitude is so much more than just being positive.