Not actually an osprey nest (sorry)

Operation Wild Orchard #OperationWildOrchard

One of my new coping mechanisms, and direct action against climate change, is planting all the seeds of fruit I eat that can feasibly grow and thrive in the UK.

This translates to every apple I eat being harvested for its seeds which are then planted. Once healthy and strong, they’ll be transplanted, ‘semi randomly’, in the wild.

The idea is to produce multiple CO2 sinks, with a potential added bonus of being a food source for passing denizens – from insect to human. If the fruit’s no good, who cares? Carbon sink.

It’s been a steady learning curve and I’ve gone (and am going) through iterative revisions and ideas to make it practically scaleable while reusing/recycling stuff in the process.

At time of writing there are 25-odd viable plants, with about 60 seeds in the ground. They start in little seedling pots and are then potted on to sacks. Image gallery to follow.