Not actually an osprey nest (sorry)

My second medical cannabis prescription

Rather than go into long and gory detail, I wasn’t able to achieve a therapeutic dose with the oil strength I was initially prescribed. I think the ratio was 1 THC to every 25 CBD.

This was agreed as possible well in advance and my expectations were entirely met. It was an expensive test, but a necessary one. The approach has to be scientific, essentially. This means titrating to the lowest therapeutic dose and remaining there for as long as possible.

As a parallel – from the very beginning, the one thing every medical person I’ve been in contact with (I’ve honestly stopped counting but it’s not an exaggeration when I say ‘scores’) *has* agreed on is that I stay on the lowest rung of the ‘treatment ladder’ as long as possible.

The oil definitely worked and I radically reduced my non-prescribed cannabis use, but the rate of consumption would have been somewhere north of £600 a month. I’m barely able to afford £200.

Important side note – I cannot imagine what this process would be like for someone who *isn’t* surrounded by (mostly) supportive people. Or people who aren’t able to articulate as well as me. Or people who don’t have or haven’t had access to the same opportunities or resources as me. It would be impossible, frankly. It’s difficult enough doing this as I am.

OK. So I emailed the clinic to advise I wouldn’t be able to justify cost/benefit. At 200 quid for 50ml, it needs to last longer than 10 days.

We had a remote video consultation as per lockdown guidelines and we agreed to a much stronger formula – Capilano. It’s something like 1 THC to 2 CBD.

It arrived in the mail via an excellent service called Rockshaw. Despite delays in initial supplies – it being my first prescription and there being a global pandemic – I have a great deal of confidence that a stable supply of this medicine will be readily available.

Despite being cautious with the dose, I’m pleased to say that this strength oil is pretty much on the money. I’m scaling back on the smoked leaf as I titrate to a therapeutic dose.

To give some perspective, on the first oil I was approaching a therapeutic dose at around 5ml. With the new oil, it’s going to be closer to 0.5ml.

I’m feeling a lot more positive now.

Here are some product images.