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Medical Cannabis update

Since my last post, I’ve moved past the Capilano oil and on to Champlain. This is THC oil. Specifically, 20 mg THC/ml 0 CBD.

The working dose is between .5 and 1ml every 5-6 hours. I’m able to function normally, there’s no euphoria but there is a ‘body feel’ on a parallel with opiates. That is, a very mild ‘buzz’.

I’d liken the pain dampening to that of high-strength opiates or amitriptyline. Pain is reduced by a good 70-80 per cent. Like with amitriptyline, the pain’s still there, it just doesn’t bother me.

I’d been on this oil for 3 months (ish) and I was happy with it until I put my back out. I spent a day in bed and had to increase my dose. Similarly, I encounter ‘break out’ pain from time to time – usually after some sort of exertion, or sometimes from nothing at all.

I discussed this with my doctor and asked if it was possible to have access to flower for these occasions.

So I now have 10 grammes of high-strength cannabis flower to lean on if I need to.